Commercial Restoration Services

Fast, efficient, and safety-focused commercial restoration services.

Responding Quickly When Disaster Strikes

After a disaster event, our associates understand it is essential for a commercial facility to repair the damage and resume business operations as soon as possible. Scioto Services’ restoration services offer commercial disaster recovery and provide restoration and reconstruction services that are fast, efficient, and safety focused. We’ll develop a tailored emergency cleaning response plan customized to the unique needs of your facility. Experienced teams provide our 24/7 emergency response and emergency cleaning services with the advanced equipment necessary to restore commercial properties to their pre-loss condition.

Restoration Services

  • Water and Storm Damage Mitigation

  • Fire and Smoke Restoration

  • Mold and Asbestos Remediation

  • Document Recovery Services


  • If not addressed immediately and appropriately, water intrusion can destroy a commercial facility. Commercial buildings present unique challenges that require expert contractors to respond correctly to water intrusion. Scioto associates have the training and experience to help property managers and building owners get their buildings dry and their business back up and running fast. We focus on containment and mitigation to contain losses and prevent the spread of damage. We use the latest technologies to avoid intrusion into other building areas while providing the fastest drying times.


  • A facility affected by even a small fire will need to be thoroughly checked and cleaned before re-use. Smoke can cause more damage to a building than is visible to the naked eye. Scioto uses industrial hygienic testing to determine the path and penetration of the smoke and then uses these tests to design a plan for the cleaning process. We test again after cleaning to ensure the area is safe for reentry. In addition to emergency cleaning, we handle the long-term reconstruction of neighborhoods charred by fire and work with business asset teams to inventory and claim assets lost to the fire.


  • It is essential to identify and remediate mold or asbestos issues quickly and safely, as they can pose a significant risk to the public in commercial buildings. Scioto’s team can eliminate mold entirely and rapidly without it spreading to different areas of your building. We will ensure safe reentry to exposed areas of the building by employing industrial hygienic testing pre-and post-production.


  • Sciotos’ document processing laboratories can recover water-damaged documents that would have otherwise been considered lost. Papers and collections are freeze-dried in our document laboratories, resulting in documents that are odorless and handleable. Keeping business information on documents secure is our top priority, so we take all necessary security measures according to all legal regulations. As an additional security measure, we offer our clients secure destruction of files that have been restored or are no longer needed.