Talent Acquisition

During the talent acquisition portion of the hiring process, candidates apply for an open position online and complete a pre-interview online assessment. All applicants fill out an extensive online application that asks for information regarding employment history, criminal convictions, ability to perform the essential job functions, and eligibility and/or authorization to work in the United States.

During talent acquisition, we seek out individuals who fit our company culture and team atmosphere. We have dedicated individuals who are responsible for reviewing applicants daily, screening their applications, and following up immediately. We begin building relationships with our employees immediately be being prompt and courteous with our applicants during the hiring process.

Scioto Services - Hiring Process


Our stringent hiring requirements and intensive screening processes go well beyond the industry standards and distinguish Scioto from its competitors. We thoroughly review each potential candidate’s background, legal status, and work history.

  • Be a citizen of the United States or authorized to work in the United States; we confirm that all our employees are legally authorized to work in the United States through using both E-verify and standard I-9 processes.
  • Be a minimum of 18 to 21 years of age, depending on the facility and job requirements
  • Not have a disqualifying criminal history
  • Possess a High School Diploma or its equivalent
  • Possess good background references
  • Be able to meet our physical requirements analysis
  • Be able to clearly speak, write, compose on a keyboard, and read English
  • Be able to clearly comprehend oral and written orders, procedures, and materials in English
  • Be willing to conform to Scioto’s dress code and present a neat, clean, well-groomed appearance
  • Be able to pass a pre-employment drug screen test and probable cause drug screen test, if applicable
  • Possess a valid driver’s license and meet our driving record requirements covered in our Vehicle Driving Policy, if applicable

Depending on the specific job the applicant is being considered for, Scioto may also implement the following screening measures, such as driver’s record checks; strength testing; education verification; additional state and county background checks; and custom screening checks, as requested by clients.


  • If an individual successfully meets all our screening criteria, he or she will be invited to interview with Scioto.
  • All qualified applicants are given a personal, face-to-face interview.
  • During the interview, we look at the applicant’s general suitability, as well as his or her job experience and work ethic.
  • During the interview, we want to determine that the individual will succeed and remain with Scioto long-term.
  • If we feel that the individual fits our team culture and is qualified for the position, we will offer the individual a job.
Scioto Services - Hiring Process
Scioto Services - Hiring Process


  • We are meticulous in job placement – we want to ensure that individuals are placed in a position in which they can succeed and be proud of their work.
  • After a satisfactory interview, and passing required background and validation checks, we offer the individual a position with the company.
  • We are mindful to offer a position suited to the individual’s natural strengths and skills so that all of our employees have an equal opportunity to succeed in their work.
  • Scioto then schedules training classes for new employees.

Working for Scioto

We provide a positive working environment and a collaborative atmosphere where employees feel engaged and supported.

Hiring Process

Our thorough hiring process carefully screens candidates, and we look for individuals who fit our culture and are looking to be part of our team long term.

Career Development

We are committed to providing career path opportunities for our employees and supporting them as they grow into new positions.

Our Team

Scioto Services’ leadership comes from a variety of backgrounds, but all share the same goals: caring for our clients, employees, and community.

Job Search

Are you interested in becoming part of the Scioto Services Team? Search our open positions to find your next career.