Emergency Response Services

Scioto’s emergency response teams quickly resolve problems to get your facility functioning again as quickly as possible.

When an Emergency Happens, Scioto Services is Ready to Respond

Sometimes, the unimaginable happens. Whether it is a natural disaster or a leaking pipe, emergencies arise and require an immediate response. Scioto is part of a national network in the Marsden family of companies. We have the financial strength, scale, knowledge, and experience to offer emergency cleaning services and specialized emergency response services whenever and wherever you need them.

When you call with an emergency service request, we’ll mobilize our emergency response teams immediately. Our specially trained team members are experts at assessing and resolving your problems and getting your facility functioning again as quickly as possible.

Servicing over 75,000 sq ft of space every day, we understand how to deliver quickly and consistently. Executing our core principles of people, process, and management, our emergency cleaning and emergency services staff are ready for your call. Scioto’s hiring, training, and personnel development programs ensure we find the best associates. We support them with processes developed from our 45 years of experience working in a broad range of environments from high rise commercial office buildings to healthcare facilities or complex industrial and manufacturing facilities. Our processes focus on the right steps and details to ensure we produce the consistent results you need to respond to an emergency situation.

Our management and highly skilled associates stand at the ready 24/7, 365 days a year, as a trusted partner to help you respond when you are facing an emergency.

Emergency Services

  • Natural Disaster Cleanup

  • Flood Cleanup

  • Fire Restoration

  • Hazardous Materials Cleanup

  • Pandemic Response Cleaning

  • Water Damage Restoration


  • When water damage is not handled quickly and correctly, it can destroy a commercial facility. Expert contractors are essential to deal with a commercial building’s complex requirements effectively to ensure occupant health and structural safety. Facility managers and property owners can rely on Scioto’s highly skilled and specialized teams to restore their facilities quickly and safely. Our teams use the latest technologies and proven methods to prevent damage from spreading and provide the fastest drying times.


  • Buildings can suffer more damage from smoke than is apparent on the surface. Any fire-damaged structure requires thorough cleaning and inspection before it can be used again. Using industrial hygienic testing, Scioto determines the smoke path, penetration, and cleaning process based on the results. A second test is performed after cleaning to ensure the area is safe for reentry. As part of our emergency response services, we handle long-term reconstruction of fire-charred areas and work with business asset teams to inventory and claim lost assets.


  • Public health is at risk when mold and asbestos are present in commercial buildings; therefore, it is essential to detect and eliminate the hazard safely and immediately. With our team’s expertise, mold and asbestos can be removed quickly, completely, and safely, stopping contamination from spreading to other areas of the facility. By utilizing industrial hygienic testing pre- and post-production, we will ensure that exposed areas of the building can be re-entered safely.


  • Scioto’s document processing laboratories can recover water-damaged documents that would otherwise have been lost. In our document laboratories, freeze-drying chambers remove water or moisture from papers and collections, resulting in documents that are odorless and easy to handle. In compliance with all legal requirements, we provide thorough security measures to protect the business information on the documents. As an additional security feature, our clients can have their restored or unretained files securely destroyed.