Integrated Facility Services

Whether you need one service, all services, or a unique combination of what we offer, you can get all your facility services covered with one call. From keeping your facility clean with our janitorial services, safe with our security services, or comfortable with HVAC service or special services for everything else that might come-up, one call does it all with exceptional quality, service levels, and value.

Scioto Services - Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services

Over 45 years of experience has prepared Scioto Services to respond to virtually any commercial cleaning project. We service all building sizes from small single location operations to national multi-site programs. For any facility, Scioto Services has the right solution.


Scioto Services - Specialty Services

Special Services

Scioto Services offers an extensive range of special services to care for every aspect of your facility. Our offering includes floor and carpet care; exterior cleaning; window cleaning; LED bulb replacement; high cleaning; cryogenic (ice blasting) cleaning; restoration services, and dozens of other facility services.


Scioto Services - Industrial Services

Industrial Services

Our associates understand the safety and special needs of industrial environments, from paint booths to welding slag cleaning to robotics to conveyor belts. We provide a wide range of services in industrial settings to help you achieve even greater results in your business.


Scioto Services - Disinfecting Services

Disinfecting Services

Through collaboration with the CDC, the WHO, and our disinfecting chemical suppliers Scioto Services offers a comprehensive disinfecting program to help break the chain of infection in any facility. From touchpoint and electrostatic disinfecting to full facility disinfecting, Scioto has a program for every need.


Scioto Services - Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions

Structured to the standards of the American Hospital Association’s Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Professional (CHESP) program. Scioto’s award-winning healthcare solutions will empower your efforts to achieve better patient outcomes.


Scioto Services - Restoration Services

Restoration Services

Our people stand ready to respond. When disaster strikes, we respond quickly to repair the damage and get your business operations but up to capacity as soon as possible. Scioto’s commercial restoration and reconstruction services are fast, efficient, and safety focused.


Scioto Services - Emergency Services

Emergency Services

With a national presence and comprehensive set of facility services, we can immediately mobilize a team to call for emergency responses. Scioto associates have the knowledge and skill and stand ready to respond to emergencies.


Scioto Services - Security Services

Security Services

To optimize a facility’s operation, it must first be a safe and secure environment for your employees, tenants, and guests. Security is more than responding to threats. We can customize a solution to support your security needs.


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