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Disinfecting Services

Microbial Remediation Solutions to Break the Chain of Infection and Create a Healthier Facility

Dealing with an infection or threat of disease in the workplace can be alarming and overwhelming. In the face of an infectious disease outbreak, we stand ready to respond quickly to keep your facility operating at its peak level. We can respond with proven disinfecting services and programs for every situation. We offer a full suite of disinfecting services that include CDC recommendations, EPA-registered chemicals, best practices, and fully-trained staff. Our disinfecting programs give you peace of mind, knowing we are handling everything properly. Whether there is a confirmed infectious disease outbreak in your facility or you just want preventative services, we can help you create a clean, healthy, and safe workplace.

Infections will occur in the workplace. No disinfecting services program can completely prevent them. However, research demonstrates that a thorough disinfecting services program that removes microorganisms from surfaces can help break a chain of infection and mitigate the risk of illness.

With our Microbial Preventative and Remediation program, our goal is to help our clients lessen the impact of an epidemic in their facilities through the following measures:

  • Control/eliminate the spread of these microorganisms within the workplace
  • Reduced absenteeism and subsequent sick days from associates
  • Create a healthier work environment
  • Potentially reduce client fiscal loss due to reduced productivity of work associates


Enhanced Cleaning

Our enhanced cleaning protocols follow the specifications of your regular janitorial services with the implementation of EPA-registered disinfectants. Using disinfectants in place of the standard cleaning products, we can sanitize your facility without additional labor.

Touchpoint Disinfecting

We use EPA-registered disinfectants to disinfect commonly touched surfaces throughout your facility. These include doorknobs, push bars, elevator buttons, handrails, bathroom fixtures, break room appliances, digital touchpad buttons, phones, light switches, and more.

Full Facility Disinfecting

Full facility disinfecting goes beyond touchpoint disinfecting to include disinfecting all surfaces below the ceiling. A complete facility disinfection is a two-step process: first, precleaning to remove all debris and then disinfecting to kill any microbes.

Spraying & Fogging

We offer both electrostatic spraying and disinfecting fogging. Electrostatic spraying uses electric charges to kill microbes, and disinfecting fogging dispenses a mist of cleaning solutions. Both methods enable cleaning hard-to-reach areas and fabric surfaces.

Negative Pressure Areas

We use negative pressure for cleaning at sites where people cannot evacuate the area, such as hospitals. Negative-pressure containment areas are self-sealing, which eliminates the potential for cross-contamination while we disinfect the area.

ATP Testing

ATP tests quickly assess surface cleanliness by measuring the level of organic material that remains on a surface following sanitation and disinfection. The ATP results are sent to an industrial hygienist to prepare a clearance report. Scioto Services provides this information as a reference to help you understand our approach to Microbial Preventative and Remediation programming.

This content is for general information purposes only and should not be construed as legal or medical advice. Scioto encourages customers to consult with their own legal, medical, and other professionals, as well as any guidance issued by federal, state, and local health agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
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